Riprock Appliance Repair services or repairs most makes and models.

We will also schedule routine appliance maintenance.

Have you purchased a new appliance or need maintenance?

Let us help!

We are more than happy to answer you questions over the phone, and will consult with you on purchases, as well!


Common problems include noises, leaks and drain issues. Do your hoses need to be replaced? Does your washer have a foul odor?


Common problems include no heat, long dry times and noises. Dryer vent cleaning or replacement is available.


Common problems include defective icemakers, faulty defrost circuits and inoperable fan motors. Do you need help replacing your filter? Are your condenser coils clean?


Common problems include no ice and poor ice production. Ice machine cleaning is a popular service.


Common problems included no heat or improper tempratues. Are your burners operating properly? Would you like your oven glass cleaned?


Common problems include erratic behavior or not cooking. Do all the features still work? Light, vent, turntable…


Common problems include no heat, leaks or drain problems. Leaking dishwashers are a serious problem to cabinets and floors.