Riprock Appliance Repair

Serving throughout Tyler, Texas
and most of East Texas
for Appliance Repair Services

RipRock Appliance is your
local appliance solution service company serving most of East Texas.


Our team provides prompt, scheduled, affordable service with a goal of being on time and prompt in order to honor your busy schedule.  We have families, too, and we know how important your time and money is to manage your home.

Our experience allows us to service most appliances, regardless of brand or age.  If your appliance is worth repairing and can be fixed, we can do it!

In addition, we work closely with many local appliance retailers, and can refer you to great places to purchase new and used appliances, if the need arises.

We cater to residential customers throughout East Texas that having existing appliances within their homes to repair.   We do not conduct installations, nor do we provide service to gas fireplaces or outdoor equipment.

Limited availability for weekend and evening hours.


Professional repairs in a timely manner. Same day repairs are often possible.


Do you need help replacing hoses, vents or filters? Would you like your appliance pulled out and cleaned where you cant’?

” Without a doubt, this is the best service repair company I have ever worked with. Mr. Brown is professional, respectful and very knowledgeable about his service. I will continue to request his service should I ever need repairs in the future. “

Jo S.

Tyler, TX


Riprock Appliance Repair is YOUR locally owned, hometown appliance repair company.